My name is Maria (Mary to my Friends), I'm 51 years old and I'm a mother and a speech therapist.

I'm lucky to have a wonderful husband that helped me realize this website, which I'll use to share with You my experiences with liquid collagen and with the best anti-wrinkle supplements that contain it, like:

Between all the Skin Supplements that I Tried, Collagen is, without any doubt, the most effective

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Did you know that over 70% of the skin is made of collagen?

Collagen (Structure) and Water (Hydration)

Your Skin doesn't need anything else to stay young!

Assunzione Collagene As we age, the Skin looses Water and Collagen

Therefore, to support our skin and to make the wrinkles disappear, we need to do everything possible to incrase the concentrations of collagen and water in our skin.

Now you know why

Doctors use Fillers to inject Collagen in the skin (which provides support) and Hyaluronic Acid (which increases the concentrations of Water)!

THESE "shots" are very effective, but they're also very expensive...

... and oftentimes the price to pay is also in terms of collateral effects

My advice?

Take a Collagen Supplement on a regular basis
and Drink a Lot of Water!
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There are dozens of Collagen supplements on the market and I realize that if you're not an expert you can make the wrong choice, throwing away money for nothing!

First of all, it's important to consider the collagen concentrations

To achieve results, you'll need at least 3-4 grams of collagen a day

Most collagen supplements for the skin are sold in tablets and contain little collagen (less than half a gram per tablet).

Such low concentrations are not enough to keep your skin young!

That's why it's important to opt for the purchase of supplements that contain collagen powder (jars or ) or liquid collagen.

My advice?

Collagen powder is cheap, but it's not very practical and many products have poor solubility and bad taste

Liquid collagen is ready to drink, has a great flavor but is more expensive. In addition, the liquid formulation requires the use of preservatives such as sodium benzoate.
Also, consider the impact of water on vitamin content and protein quality, as it's likely that over time the liquid formulation will result in a small loss in the biological properties of the product

Before we move on, I want to write about two collagen supplements that I think are the best, among those I've had the chance to try.
They are both expensive products, but when it comes to beauty (and health) we can't give up quality!

The important thing is to make the right choices, without throwing away money for nothing!


Gold Collagen

I've used it for quite a long time before I discovered X115+Plus® and I think it's a very good product!


X115 Collagene

My absolute favorite!

Thanks to its concentrations of collagen and other active principles, I can say without a doubt that X115®+PLUS2 is the best collagen supplement on the market.

Let me tell you why!

Collagen on its Own may not be Enough!

If you are Wondering why I think these two products are the best collagen supplements on the market, you are about to receive an answer!

Collagen is a protein and as such it can be compared to a chain curled up on itself. The rings of this chain are called amino acids.

After being ingested, collagen has to be... digested!

In the stomach and intestine, the collagen protein chain gets rolled out and broken into single rings (amino acids) or smaller chains (called dipeptides and tripeptides)

At this point, these amino acids are absorbed into the intestine and enter the bloodstream.

In order to be Effective, Collagen has to be reassembled in the skin!

Once it gets in the blood, collagen amino acids will be facing various destinies.

Unfortunately, sometimes they're not used for collagen synthesis

For example, they could be "burned" to obtain energy, used to form other proteins or, even worse, they could be converted into fat for the reserves!

Although several studies have shown increased collagen synthesis at the skin level after taking this supplement, taking too much collagen is useless, it actually can be harmful for the reasons I listed!

My advice?

Always Combine Collagen with Vitamin C, Antioxidants and Hyaluronic Acid!

Vitamin C

The synthesis of collagen at the skin level requires the presence of Vitamin C.

This vitamin could be absorbed in insufficient amounts through the diet, especially if you smoke or if you consume little fruit and fresh seasonal vegetables.

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This plant is well known and has a great tradition for its cicatrizant properties. It's able to stimulate collagen synthesis at the cutaneous level.

While many collagen supplements also contain vitamin C, few of them contain plant extracts - such as Centella - that have been shown to increase collagen synthesis. For example, Gold Collagen® and other known Collagen supplements, like Skinade, contains good vitamin C concentrations but does not contain plant extracts, while X115®+PLUS2 contains both Vitamin C and Centella Asiatica, as well as Echinacea.


This plant is well known for its anti-inflammatory and immune stimulant  properties.

Echinacea’s ability to stimulate the body to produce more hyaluronic acid, and to inhibit hyaluronidase activity (which degrades hyaluronic acid), make it an excellent natural anti-wrinkle ingredient.

Gold Collagen® and other known Collagen supplements, like Skinade, does not contains this herbal extract, while X115®+PLUS2 contains important concentrations of Echinacea.

Liquid Collagen

Buy X115®+Plus2 on Amazon or visit the X115 official website


The skin is a tissue that is always renewing itself! Collagen is also constantly produced and degraded.

The aging process reduces the synthesis of collagen and increases its degenerative processes.

These degenerative processes are favored by free radicals, which can once again be produced in excess from cigarette smoke, sun exposure or a diet poor in fresh fruit and seasonal vegetables. A sedentary lifestyle also reduces skin's ability to defend itself against free radicals!Antioxidants are the best defense against free radicals!
Read More on Antioxidants Supplements


Although they are important for your health, it's still not clear how much antioxidants taken through supplements are effective to keep the skin young

This is because it's difficult to reproduce in the human body the often surprising results obtained in the laboratory on tissue samples or animals

However, among the most "popular" antioxidants, we find vitamins A (carotenoids), C and E, melatonin, resveratrol, lipoic acid and polyphenols (from citrus fruit, cocoa, olive, green tea, etc.)


Once again, there are few collagen supplements that - beyond Vitamin C - provide significant amounts of antioxidants.

This is another reason why I recommend X115® + Plus as the best collagen supplement, since, in addition to Vitamin C, it also provides Vitamin E, resveratrol, alpha-lipoic acid and polyphenols from cocoa seeds and olive leaves.


Remember when I wrote that doctors, in addition to collagen, also use hyaluronic acid for their "shots" (called fillers) in the skin?

Hyaluronic acid is a normal component of the skin, where it forms a kind of gel that absorbs lots of water. Find out more about Hyaluronic Acid Supplements!

A skin rich in hyaluronic acid is a more moisturized, firm and full skin!

Just like collagen, hyaluronic acid can also be taken with supplements and like collagen, it's digested in the stomach, and then synthesized again in the skin.

Unlike collagen, hyaluronic acid is quite expensive, so there are really few collagen supplements that contain it. Once again, X115® + Plus beats its competition by introducing hyaluronic acid in the formulation at concentrations 5 times higher!

My advice?

Always Read the Labels!!

If I learned so much about collagen supplements in these years, to the point that I can understand what's the best product, I also have to thank the labels.

When you compare two products, besides relying on information found on the internet and on the advice of your pharmacist, read the products' label and compare them considering the price.

When you read the ingredients, make sure that: a) there's the term marine collagen (or fish collagen) and b) it's specified that what you're about to buy is hydrolyzed collagen. From the microbiological point of view, fish collagen is in fact a safer source compared to bovine collagen, while vegetable collagen has a composition in amino acids that it's too different from human's composition. From the practical point of view, however, hydrolysed collagen dissolves better in water, it has a better taste and causes fewer problems of stomach fatigue; this is in fact a "predigested" collagen.

Nevertheless, the most precious informations can be found in the nutrition table, the true identity card of our liquid powder collagen supplement.

Here's how to proceed

I made a comparison between the nutritional tables of the liquid and powder collagen supplements that I recommend

    X115®+PLUS2 Gold Collagen®
List price Euro 62 42
Days of Treatment Euro 15 10
Cost per day of treatment Euro 4,13/3,8* 4,20
Hydrolyzed marine collagen g 5 5
Hyaluronic acid mg 100 20
Vitamin C mg 300 80
Resveratrol mg 147 Not present
Alpha lipoic acid mg 12,5 Not present
Coenzyme Q10 mg 12,5 Not present
Polyphenols from Cocoa mg 12 Not present
Oleuropein (from olive leaves) mg 0.96 Not present
Ellagic acid (from pomegranate) mg 5 Not present
Astaxanthin mg 1 Not present
Vitamin E mg 15 6
Biotin mcg 100 50
Vitamin B6 mg 2 1,4
Folic acid mcg 100 Not present
Vitamin D3 mcg 2 Not present
Zinc mg 5 1.5
Copper mg 2 0.15
Echinacoside from Echinacea a. mg 3,2 Not present
Triterpene derivates from Centella asiatica mg 30 Not present
* price excluding the commercial value of the free sample of anti-wrinkle cream
Looking at the table it appears obvious why I believe that X115®+PLUS2 is the best

Gold Collagen® is still a better choice than many other products and it's more practical because it's already dissolved in vials, while you need to dissolve the packets of X115® + Plus in water. Also, there are numerous online deals for Gold Collagen® that lower the cost of the price list up to 40%.

Buy X115®+Plus2 on Amazon or visit the X115 official website

• If you want to try X115®+PLUS2 You should know that these are two integrators in a single casket. The vials should be taken in the morning and consists mainly of antioxidants. The packets with collagen, hyaluronic acid, Centella and Vitamin C should be taken in the evening about an hour before going to sleep.

The easiest way to buy it is visiting the official website but you can also find it on Amazon® and on the website of some Italian pharmacies.

The supplement should be taken for at least a month, after which it's possible to halve the doses or choose the maintenance supplement called X115® Primary; the latter contains high concentrations of antioxidants and hyaluronic acid, but, being in tablets, it contains little collagen; it's still a great choice for the maintenance phase.

• If you want to try Gold Collagen® you can easily find it in pharmacies and on many websites. The intake doses are a vial a day: open, drink and that's it!

X115 Collagene

Buy X115®+Plus2 on Amazon or visit the X115 official website

Gold Collagen

Buy X115®+Plus2 on Amazon or visit the X115 official website

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