Imedeen Time Perfection™ Does it work? - Complete Review


In this article I'm going to tell you everything you need to know about the anti-aging supplement Imedeen Time Perfection™.

Below, you'll find the complete review of this product, and I hope it will help you discover what is it for, what's in it, where to find it, how much does it cost and if it really can help you fight back wrinkles and the ravages of time.

Moreover, we are going to compare Imedeen Time Perfection™ with the best anti-aging supplements currently on the market - especially with the reference in this field, the anti-wrinkle supplements X115® - in order to understand which one is the most effective.

What is it?

What is Imedeen Time Perfection™?

Imedeen Time Perfection™ is an anti-aging food supplement in a tablet formulation.

Imedeen Time Perfection™ is manufactured by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, a division of the Pfizer pharmaceutical industry. This is an American company that was born in New York in 1849 and is present in Italy since 1955.

The manufacturer declares that this supplement is indicated starting from forty years of age (formula 40+) to reduce the visibility of wrinkles and expression lines, while helping to improve the general appearance of the skin on our face.

Imedeen Time Perfection


What ingredients does Imedeen Time Perfection™ contain?

Here's the list of ingredients found on the package of Imedeen Time Perfection™:

"Fish extract, thickener (microcrystalline cellulose), soybean fibre, vitamin C, anti-caking agent (silicon dioxide), zinc gluconate, tomato extract (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill., fruit), grape seed extract (Vitis vinifera L., seed).

The product contains soy and fish."

The active ingredients that characterize the supplement are those highlighted in bold. The remaining ingredients are the so-called excipients.

The excipients are substances used to convey the above-mentioned active ingredients and to allow the production and maintenance of the tablet shape, avoiding any breaking as we handle it or when we take it.

The active ingredients of Imedeen Time Perfection™ are also listed in the table below, which shows the nutritional values of the product:

  Daily dose (2 tablets) %RDA*
Fish extract (Marine Complex™) 210 mg /
Tomato extract (Solanum lycopersicum L., fructus) 29 mg /
Grape seed extract (Vitis vinifera L., semen) 28 mg /
Vitamin C 54 mg 68
Zinc 4 mg 40
* Recommended daily dose.

Active substances

Detailed information on the active ingredients of Imedeen Time Perfection™

After identifying the active substances contained within Imedeen Time Perfection™, from the list of ingredients, let's look at the properties of these substances in detail, to understand how this product can be useful in counteracting the signs of time that appear on our face as we get older.

Marine Complex™

The Marine Complex fish extract; it's a special patented compound that consists of polysaccharides and proteins very similar to those found in the dermis (the intermediate layer of our skin).

In particular, these compounds are similar to glycosaminoglycans, elements which - along with collagen and elastic fibers - constitute the structure that supports and sustains our skin.

In greater detail, glycosaminoglycans (including the well-known hyaluronic acid) allow for the maintenance of skin hydration and elasticity, because they are substances capable of binding and retaining large quantities of water.

LycoPhence GS ForteTM

LycoPhence GS ForteTMis a patented formulation that consists of zinc, vitamin C, tomato extract and grape seed extract. In particular, these vegetable extracts and the vitamin C are substances with antioxidant properties, which are very useful in counteracting the damage caused by free radicals.

Free radicals, in fact, are one of the main factors responsible for skin aging. They are highly reactive chemical species that cause the so-called "oxidative stress" in the cells of our skin, damaging them severely and sometimes irreversibly.

The zinc contained within this patented formula doesn't have any actual antioxidant properties, but it's able to contribute to the protection of our skin from the damage of oxidative stress.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the most popular antioxidant vitamins and it's also involved in the formation of new collagen, one of the elements that constitute the structure of the skin at the dermis level. More specifically, collagen gives our skin strenght and firmness.


As mentioned already, zinc helps to protect the cells of our skin from the damages caused by oxidative stress, but that's not all. In fact, zinc is also involved in DNA synthesis and cell division. In addition, along with vitamin C, it has a role in the synthesis of new collagen.


The Imedeen Time Perfection™ supplement comes within a very simple package containing 60 tablets, enough to complete a month of treatment.

The tablets are contained within four aluminum blisters of 15 tablets each.

Method of use

The recommended daily dose consists of two tablets of Imedeen Time Perfection™ a day, preferably during meals. The tablets should be swallowed with the help of some water.

In order to achieve significant results, it's recommended to finish a full treatment of 12 weeks (three months).

Clinical studies

The official site of the product provides the results of six clinical trials conducted on the Imedeen Time Perfection™ supplement, in order to evaluate its effectiveness.

These studies found that - as a result of continued use of the product for a period of 12 weeks - a significant increase in skin hydration occurred compared to placebo studies (ie, studies conducted by administering to the volunteers tablets without any active substances).


As we said previously, Imedeen Time Perfection™ is a supplement formulated in tablets. For this reason, you can take it anywhere, the only thing you need is some water. that's why I think it's a very practical product to use, especially when you're not at home.

Also, since the tablets have to be swallowed without breaking them, you won't have to perceive the taste of the product, because - more often than not - the flavors of this type of supplements are certainly not the best.


The list price of Imedeen Time Perfection™ is about 62 euros, but you can also find it online at much lower prices, in some cases, with discounts up to 50%. It's also available on Amazon at a really good price X115 su Amazon

Where to buy it?

Imedeen Time Perfection™ is available in both pharmacies and para-pharmacies, as well as in several online stores, on the official website of the manufacturer (, on Amazon and on the websites of many pharmacies and para-pharmacies.

Supplements in comparison

After analyzing closely all of the most important features of Imedeen Time Perfection™, we're now going to compare it with some of the products I think are the best anti-aging supplements that, as of now, the market has to offer.

In order to make things easier, I prepared the following table:

    Imedeen Time Perfection™ (40+ formula) Imedeen Prime Renewal™(50+ formula) X115®+PLUS2 (intensive formulation) X115® Primary(maintenance formulation)
List price (from the manufacturer's website) Euro 63,9 84,5 62 42
Days of Treatment Euro 30 30 15 15
Cost per day of treatment Euro 2,13 2,82 4,13/3,8* 2,8
Format Tablets Day and night tablets Day Vials Night Sachets Day and night tablets
Active substances
Hydrolyzed marine collagen mg Not present Not present 5.000 200
Marine Complex® (fish extract) mg 210 315 Not present Not present
MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) mg Not present Not present Not present 150
Vitamin C mg 54 60 300 100
Vitamin E mg Not present 10 15 Not present
Resveratrol mg Not present Not present 147 73,5
Alpha-lipoic acid mg Not present Not present 12,5 100
Coenzyme Q10 mg Not present Not present 12,5 Not present
Oleuropein (from olive leaves) mg Not present Not present 0.96 Not present
Ellagic acid (from pomegranate) mg Not present Not present 5 Not present
Hyaluronic acid mg Not present Not present 100 50
Echinacoside from Echinacea angustifolia mg Not present Not present 3,2 3,2
Triterpene derivates from Centella asiatica mg Not present Not present 30 Not present
Biotin mcg Not present Not present 100 Not present
Vitamin B6 mg Not present Not present 2 Not present
Folic acid mcg Not present Not present 100 Not present
Vitamin D3 mcg Not present Not present 2 Not present
Curcumin mg Not present Not present Not present 47,5
Piperine mg Not present Not present Not present 4,75
Polyphenols from Cocoa mg Not present Not present 12 20
Polyphenols from Olive mg Not present Not present 0.96 (as oleuropein) 7.20
White tea extract mg Not present 62 Not present Not present
Chamomile extract mg Not present 29 Not present Not present
Tomato extract mg 29 29 Not present Not present
Grape seed extract mg 28 28 Not present Not present
Zinc mg 4 5 5 5
Copper mg Not present Not present 2 1
* price excluding the commercial value of the free sample of anti-wrinkle cream

Looking at the table, It's clear which supplements are the richest in active substances, both from a qualitative and a quantitative point of view. In this case, X115® products rank in the first and second place compared to Imedeen supplements.

In fact, even though Imedeen Time Perfection™ is still a good product, in my opinion, it contains concentrations of antioxidant active ingredients that are significantly inferior to the supplements proposed by X115®.

Additionally, the 40+ formulation from Imedeen Time Perfection™ does not contain any hyaluronic acid, collagen or other substances that can stimulate the synthesis of the elements that make up the structure of our skin, such as, for example, the extracts of Echinacea angustifolia and Centella asiatica that we can find in  X115® +Plus and X115® Primary. In my opinion and from my experience, these ingredients can be very useful to remove wrinkles and expression lines in the 40+ age group.

The rankings

Since I was lucky enough to try all the supplements listed in the table , I think I should be able to judge them on aspects that are very important to me in determining which anti-wrinkle supplement to buy.

In this regard, I created these summarized rankings in the table below, in which - for each supplement - I gave a grade from 1 to 4 for each entry.

The meaning of the votes is as follows:

  • Grade 1 = Insufficient
  • Grade 2 = Sufficient
  • Grade 3 = Good
  • Grade 4 = Excellent
Characteristics Imedeen Time Perfection™ Imedeen Prime Renewal® X115®+PLUS2 X115® Primary
Availability 4 4 4 4
Practicality 3 3 Day Vials: 4 3
Night Packets: 2
Taste and Flavor 4 4 3 4
Quantity of active substances 1/2 2 4 4
Quality/Price Ratio 2 2 4 4

The results, as you can se from the table, describe once again the superiority of the X115® supplements compared to those proposed by Imedeen, especially in regards of the quantities of active ingredients and the value / money ratio.
The price of X115® +Plus and X115® Primary supplements is higher than that of Imedeen Time Perfection™, but this discrepancy is, in my opinion, more than justified by the type and high concentration of active substances contained.
X115 Collagene

Buy X115®+Plus2 on Amazon or visit the X115 official website

Buy X115®+Plus2 on Amazon or visit the X115 official website

x115 primary

As for Imedeen Time Perfection™, I rated quality / price ratio with a two because - given its composition - I find it "absurd" a price list of 63,90 euros, although it's still possible to find it online at very low prices with a few discounts and, in my opinion, more appropriate to this type of product. For example, you can buy it on Amazon at a really convenient price

X115 su Amazon

The tablet formulation, however, has earned points to Imedeen Time Perfection™ thanks to its practicality. At the same time, thanks to the tablet formulation , this supplement passes the test "Taste and Flavor", with full marks, since swallowing the whole tablet does not perceive any unwanted "aroma".

Pros and Cons

Imedeen Time Perfection™ pros

  • Presence of antioxidant plant extracts.
  • Practical to use, thanks to the formulation in tablets.
  • Without lactose, added sugars, preservatives and artificial flavors.
  • Available in pharmacies and para-pharmacies, as well as on several online stores.
  • Available online at very convenient and discounted prices.

Imedeen Time Perfection™ cons

  • Low concentration of antioxidant active ingredients (even though - given that the supplement is formulated in tablets - the small size makes it rather difficult to incorporate large amounts of substances).
  • The actual concentrations of antioxidants contained in tomato and grape seed extract are not specified.
  • Lack of hyaluronic acid, collagen and other active ingredients that can stimulate its production.
  • Quality/price ratio, in my opinion, rather poor.
  • Presence of allergenic substances in the formulation (fish and soybean extract).


Since Imedeen Time Perfection™ contains fish extract, its use is not suitable for vegetarians or vegans.

In addition, since the supplement contains soybean fibre and fish extract, its use is contraindicated in subjects with allergies to these products, and also to molluscs and crustaceans.

My opinion

My opinion about the Imedeen Time Perfection™ Anti-Aging supplement is unfortunately not completely positive. In fact, at the end of a 12-week treatment (as recommended by the product manufacturer), I didn't see such significant and considerable results on the skin of my face.

I have to admit that I have noticed some improvement in regards to skin hydration. The skin, in fact, seemed less dry and dehydrated, but I didn't notice any improvement regarding wrinkles and the ravages of time.

In conclusion, I think that Imedeen Time Perfection™ is a good supplement if you want to counteract skin dryness and prevent skin dehydration. However, I believe that - if your intent is to fight the signs of time - you have to focus on richer and more concentrated formulations that are able to counteract skin aging on multiple fronts, in order to perform a complete treatment. This is the case, for example, of the X115® +Plus supplement (shock formulation), better than Imedeen Time Perfection™ both for composition, and for the results achieved thanks to its use.Liquid Collagen

Buy X115®+Plus2 on Amazon or visit the X115 official website

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